Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Napoleon Dynamite

This title sequence tells us that the film is an american high school comedy film as it first shows in the wallet ID of a teenage boy, as it carries on we consistently see meals of what teenagers would eat throughout the day after the meals it shows library books which also shows us that the film is going to be based around school. The colours in the title sequence are bright and bold which shows that the film is going to be comedy which then the audience is targeted at teens and up.

The Back Up Plan-

The title sequence for The Back Up Plan is a hybrid genre of comedy and romance which is called a rom-com. The sequence is animated which creates a fun feel towards the audience it uses bright colours which also shows that its going to be a comedy. The main character is a women, as she's walking the location constantly changes to shopping windows. These features throughout the sequence shows the audience that its a targeted along with the use of feminine typography to a female audience.

Dr no (James bond)-

This film is an action film with the sub genre of a spy film. The title sequence uses silhouettes which creates a mysterious look and gets the audience thinking on what the film is about. The bullet barrel then suggests that then its an action film.

Lemony Snickets Unfortunate Events -

This title sequence gives off an gothic feel with the use of dark colours and illustrations, give a creepy and scary look but with the three children coming up as the protagonist suggests that the film is also a family film, the locations throughout the sequence shows that its adventure as we see the three kids in unrealistic situations so the genre being a family gothic film.

Napoleon Dynamite-

The genre of this film is a comedy. You can tell because of the high key lighting and bold colours which creates a happy atmosphere. The titles being made out of food and other subjects tells us that its going to be a light hearten film. We can tell the sub genre of this film is going to be about a american high school as it shows us objects such as library cards and school stationary.

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