Monday, 8 February 2016

Love Actually

Love Actually 

The 2003 film Love actually dir.(Richard Curtis) The title sequence for this film uses soft music which is non digetic to set the feel and genre of the film. This film is a hybrid genre of romance and comedy which is well know as rom-com.

Knowing that this film is about love we expect it to be like other rom coms, they are mainly targeted at females as they aspire for relationships as in the films. But with this title sequence it also shows love between family members not just couples. This shows that that the film will cover a wide range of love rather then just your typically boy meets girl rom com.

The scene begins with a shot of an overcrowded airport which shows a plane has landed and people are reuniting with their loved ones. We also see a shot of a family meeting at the airport, the camera then zooms up on their faces to see there reactions of being together this suggests that the film is also about love and being together. Throughout the sequence it shows other families and couples showing affection after a few seconds we start to hear a non-digect audio voice over talking about love which also sets the tone and theme of the film.The use of slow motion gives an emotional feel and gives the audience time to focus on the peoples faces and their expressions.

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