Thursday, 10 March 2016


As a group we decided to have our title names to be a handwritten font as it links with the sequence. We decided to have it actually written then having done on computer as it looks more authentic. We wrote on the paper of the producers and actors and scrunched the paper to make it look more rough amd effective, then we scanned it onto the computer to add into final cut pro. We initially decided to have the names just appearing on to the screen with a black background. But we then had the idea of using stop-motion. To create stop motion we took photographs of the paper opening up in stages. Once we done evryname they were imported into final cut pro and put all together , we had to change the duration to make it quicker and it makes it overall look better fast.
When it was imported to final cut pro we chnaged the highlight and brightness to make it darker as it looks more errie.

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