Friday, 25 March 2016

Thriller Codes and Conventions

Codes and Conventions of Thriller

The aim of thriller is to create suspense and excitement for the audience.
A thriller normally consists of a battle between the protagonist and antagonist, the story usually shows a chain of bad events building tension and suspense for the climax. The Thriller film often uses the busy streets and environments of is usually urban or suburban areas.

Conventions of a Thriller

Quick cuts
Low key cuts
Changes in the angle of shots
Tension music
Black and white shots
Montage of shots
Close up shots

In Thriller the protagonist is often a brave male who seeks to restore equilibrium.
The antagonist will have a hidden identity to create mystery, but will uncover as the film carry's on.

In thriller there are a lot of close ups and extreme close ups of the protagonist, this is often to show their emotions, also it can be used to focus on the props which links to the narrative.
The shots of the antagonist will be quick shots to hide the identity, low lighting , silhouette or the shadow can also create creepiness and mystery towards the antagonist.

Music is essential to understand and set the mood of the film. In thriller it adds suspense and tension. It will usually start as a slow pace and then build up to make shots more dramatic for the audience.

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