Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Research Typography

These fonts all have a lot in common with each other. The typography is simple but bold, it stands out from the background even if it has an image it still draws the attention of the audience.The colour schemes across the thriller genre use the colours such as red, white and black. They stand out and have connotations of danger and blood. Some thriller fonts like cape fear can be distorted this is common as it has connotations of mystery and can sometimes be a metaphor or represent a character of the narrative of the film.

As a group we decided that the typography for the title sequence would be in a handwritten like font. We choose this as it links to the narrative of the missing boy so we will have the writing in a childlike font to represent the boy or the font to be written by the protagonist so her handwriting would be joined up but also quick and scruffy.
We took influence of the typography from David Flinches film Se7en as in the sequence it looks like the font is a handwritten by the antagonist himself it also metaphors him being childlike and manic with the handwriting font being scruffy and not very neat.

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