Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Evaluation 3

How did you attract/audience your audience?

The use of Star power helps attracts certain audiences as our main protagonist is a teenager. So we choose the actress Kristen Stewart as she is a role model for many teenagers and has a pre established fan base from the known film Twilight.
Casey Affleck would also bring in audiences who like a variety of different thriller genres as he has been in multiple films such as Gone baby Gone, Out of the furnace and The killer inside me.
Jacob Trembley has also been in thriller film and also just recently been in a nominated Oscar film.

Social media is the way we marketed our film. This is the best way as everyone is on social media nowadays. Teenagers are mostly the ones on social media so it will attract them to watch the film. The film has a better chance on being successful if its on social media as it will get people talking and the actors can promote it on their twitter,Facebook accounts which will create an even bigger  audience.


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