Monday, 4 April 2016


Gone Girl

We are taking influence from the 2014 mystery thriller film Gone Girl Dir.(David Flincher)  Because our film idea is about an old case being reopened of a missing boy. We will be showing this through our title sequence by having props such as missing posters, clips of the news report, montage of locations.
In Gone Girl there is a scene in the beginning of the film of a persons speaking about the protagonist with an extreme close up shot of her. We are going to use the idea of an audio telling a narrative at the beginning of our sequence to add enigma.
In the Gone Girl montage there are locations of the city in the film, the shots have been filtered with a blue tint this creates a sinister mood.
In our title sequence we have decided to add a montage at the end with it including road signs such as arrows to represent her journey, signs of locations and maps of the area.

The typography is faded onto the screen and is placed on the bottom of the screen, the colour of the font it white it stands out from the shots which changes the viewers eyes to the text to read but as its also small

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