Monday, 4 April 2016



The Thriller genre is split into different sub-genres to describe the type of thriller film each one is.

Psychological- Psychological thrillers focus on the mental and emotional state of the characters. It also plays on the audiences minds by using enigma which produces suspense in the film as it reflects on the characters mentality. Mystery and crime are often incorporated into the psychological genre. The 2010 film Shutters Island Dir. (Martin Scorsese) is an example of psychological sub-genre.

Political- Political thrillers normally include the main protagonist ensuring the stability of the government. Political corruption,terrorism and warfare are common themes of political thriller. The 2012 film Argo Dir.(Ben Affleck) is an example of Political thriller.


Spy- Spy thrillers mainly have elements of action. Spy films usually use government agencies as the main base of the film. Spy thrillers usually focuses on the main protagonists travel and adventures of either escapism or revenge. Sometimes spy thrillers have a combination of the genre of action and science. The 2002 film The Bourne Identity Dir.(Doug Linman) is an example of spy thriller,

Crime- Crime thrillers focuses on the criminals of the crime rather then the actual law. The main topics of crime thrillers are often about murder, killers, heists and robberies. The 2006 film The Departed Dir.(Martin Scorsese) is an example of crime thriller.

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